Welcome to 2019

We are very much looking forward to the year as we consider our 2019 events calandar. 

- Saturday 23rd February - Community Supper. A lovely evening with a choice of menu. fully supported. £277 was raised.

  - Sunday 17th March - Indoor Games afternoon between 2.00 - 5.00pm held in church and well attended.

√Sunday 19th May - "Afternoon Tea" 2.00pm held in the village hall pre booked seats at £5.00 (by Saturday 10th May). - What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon raising a total of £227 by popular demand our thoughts are already gearing up for other occasions with themes dependant of time of year.  Watch this space. 

√Sunday 2nd June - Bar - B -Q - from midday to coincide with "Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycle Race".  This took place outside the church on a lovely sunny day, much appreciated by the community as they encouraged the 10,000+ cyclists through the village, who in turn appreciated their encouragement.  £133 was taken on the day. 

NEXT EVENT :Sunday 14th July 2.00 -5.00 pm- Games afternoon - try your hand at table tennis, snooker, darts, and many more in the church.  Weather permitting, badminton and croquet out doors.  Admission free refreshments available to buy.  Children welcome if accompanied.

Saturday 24th August 2.30pm - Organ concert by Paul Turner.  Admission £5 playing his own Paramount "Unity" Digital Theatre Organ at The 40's Camp, Wood Lane, Ramsey.  This is to replace his concerts at Wyton House as the organ has been sold. 

Saturday 12th October - Harvest Supper 7.30pm

Sunday 1st December - Indoor Games afternoon between 2.00 - 5.00pm  free entry.

Saturday 7th December - Christmas Bazaar 10.00 - 12.00, free entry

Sunday 22nd December - Carol Service. 4.30pm 


  √Sunday 28th January - Indoor games afternoon between 2.00pm - 5.00pm  - a much appreciated gentle start to the year.  It was good to see so many enjoying themselves with the variety of sports and games at hand, helping us raise £136.91.  We do not charge for admission or playing so the vast amount of this raised is purely donations.  Many thanks, we will try and fit another session in soon.

√Valentine Supper - Saturday 17th February - very popular with a pre chosen choice of menu.  Look out for our next one.

√Lent course study group - well supported gain 

√Easter vigil and dawn service 1st April - no April fools day for us as 14 joined us at the dawn service .

√Sunday15th April - Games afternoon - well attended good fund raiser. 

√Sunday June 3rd from mid-day Bar-B-Q to coincide with the Cambridgeshire Cycle Tour. - Many thanks to the community for supporting our refreshment bar.  A good outreach occasion and well worth the effort.  £73 was raised for church funds.

√Sunday 10th June 2.30pm -Organ concert - Wyton House - Sell out concert. Full of music and sunshine making a fabulous afternoon for all who attended raising a splendid £508. 

Harvest Supper - to be confirmed

Saturday 1st December - Christmas Bazaar 10.00am - 12.00 midday

December - Carol Service with Nativity Tableaux


  Sunday 22nd January - Indoor Games Afternoon - 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. (raised £127). These games provide anexcellent atmosphere, with everyone joining in.  If you haven't if you haven't joined us yet its worth a visit, you can watch others enjoy themselves but we are sure you will soon want to join in.  

√ Saturday 1st April - Spring Fayre 10.00 - 12.00 A variety of stalls  cakes, plants, books, with seasonal craft activities for children, raised £267+ for church funds. Thank you for your support

√ Lent study group meetings ended 4th April following avery enjoyable course based on The Sabbath.  Well supported again.

Sunday 25th June 2.20pm - Organ Concert by Paul Turner at Wyton House.  An excellent afternoon all round raising a magnificent £542.50.  Thank you to everyone for your support

√ Easter Vigil. - Saturday 15th April at 8.00 p.m. A beautiful and moving service, with the lighting of the Easter Candle and renewing our baptismal vows.  A service not to be missed. 

 √ Dawn Service Sunday 16th April 6.00a.m. out in the fields  We met up at 560 Oilmills Road, Barn & Fourthreach Farm, home of Liz & Richard Burgess at 5.45a.m. Then enjoyed bacon butties with a hot drink then followed up with Holy Communion in the barn.  Well attended and enjoyed greatly.

Saturday 9th September - Team Coach Trip - Oxford - A Good social occasion with three seats short of a full coach.  Watch this space for next years outing!

 Harvest Supper - Saturday 14th October raised £496 Thank you for your support

 Christmas Bazaar - Saturday 9th December 10.00-12.00 - Raised £575.      

Next event this Sunday Carol Service 17th December 4.30pm - with Carols, Readings and Nativity tableau.  Hot refreshments after service.                          

                                                           * * * 

Event dates for 2016

February - Lent Group meetings - well supported.

√Saturday March 26thEaster vigil - rain didn't spoil this beautiful service, as the Easter candles were brought to life by the flame of the freshly lit fires in church.

Easter Sunday Dawn Service  - 6.30am - 17 folk attended this event and were rewarded with a magnificent huge sun rise, not seen at our previous dawn services.

√ Sunday June 12th 2.30pm. Concert by Paul Turner on the Compton Theatre Organ at  Wyton House - £5 per seat, please email below for information.  raised £380

√Sunday July 17th - 2.00 - 5.00pm- A Family Fun afternoon.  Proceeds were donated to Christian Aid. Raised £408.

Saturday 3rd September - Team event - York Coach Trip - well supported . Enjoyed by all.

√ Saturday 8th October - Harvest Supper - 7.30pm. well attended and a lovely  evening

Saturday 3rd December - Christmas Bazaar 10.00 - 12.00 A splendid occasion all round raising £614. for church funds.  THANK YOU

√Sunday 18th December - 4.30pm. Carol Service with Nativity Tableau. A very big thank you to everyone who made this service a wonderful start to Christmas.  You raised £275.14 for CLIC Sargent the charity which provides support for children with illnesses.  Adding to this our Christmas Eve Service a total of £410 was raised and  has been sent to CLIC Sargent.**Our Christmas Eve Holy Communion Service will be at 10.00 p.m. everyone is welcome.

***PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE. - our next service will be on Sunday 15th January 2017 at 6.00p.m. as we will be attending services with other churches.

We wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy 2017. God Bless.

                                                       * * *

  • Events held in 2015:- 
  • - February 6th - Live Music - Nick Corney & The Buzz Rats, Chris Barrie, Richard Groom & Cherish. - Comments were favourable with requests for further events.
  • √ Tuesday 24th February 7.30 saw the start of our Lent Group meetings which were well supported.   
  • √ Saturday 14th March - Lent Feast in the village hall - Thank you to everyone who supported this supper, great night. - £300+
  • √ Saturday 4th April - 8.00 p.m. Easter Vigil - Another wonderful service.
  • Sunday 5th April - 6.10 a.m. 16 people turned out to attend the Dawn Service, and for the first time in four years we actually saw the sun rise between the wind turbines. Not quite Stonehenge but with imagination!  Back at the barn we enjoyed bacon rolls and hot drinks before taking Holy Communion.  As rafters rang with singing voices bird song breezed in from outside. Gods' own work first hand.  
  • √ Sunday 12th AprilIndoor Games Afternoon - A shirt ripping success, with various players showing a flare for bowls, having spots before their eyes and being lost for words, whilst a six year old scored "bulls eye" twice. Diets were forgotten with crumpets and chocolate! THANK YOU for raising £141.
  • √ Sunday 28th June - Organ Concert by Paul Turner on the Compton Theatre Organ at Wyton House - Another excellent concert thank you to everyone who supported the event helping us raise £506.
  • √ Sunday 26th July - Family Fun Afternoon, 2pm - 5pm - Torrential rain on the day prevented outdoor events except for the fishing.  Thank you to all who were brave enough to venture out, helping to raise £130   
  • √Saturday 15th August - Team Coach Trip to Norwich - 48 people joined us for this much needed event which proved to be a good community relationship exercise.  Enjoyed by all, with them raising the question "when's the next trip?", many favouring York. Open to ideas.  Keep posted. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.
  • √Sunday 4th October - Harvest Festival - 11am - Thank you for joining us.  Food gifts went to the local emergency food bank with£158 raised for "Water Aid"
  • √Saturday 10th October - Harvest Supper - A great evening well supported.
  • √ Sunday 18th October - Pet Service 3pm. - Thank you to the families who brought along 6 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs.  All behaved very well and the dogs tried their best to out sing the organ. 
  • √Christmas Bazaar - Saturday 5th December 10.00 - 12.00raised £552
  • √Carol Service with Nativity Tableau - Sunday 20th December. Our collections throughout Advent, together with the Carol service and Christmas collections will be donated and divided between Acorn House Addenbrooks and the "Wish List", Childrens Cancer Unit at Addenbrooks Hospital. Benjamin, the little star in our nativity playing the part of a shepherd, has just completed his treatment there. He has been a  huge inspiration to us all this last 9 months and to everyone who meets him.  The amount raised during our Advent collections and Carol Service was £650.   Thank you to all involved in taking part or attending this most moving occasion, which left us with standing room only.  God bless. 
  • Christmas Eve Communion  - 10.00p.m. everyone is welcome.  Please note there is no service in our church on Christmas day
  • Heating updated-  our past blighted by the cold, by installing two wood burning stoves, St Thomas' has become a haven of warmth. We can now concentrate on what is going on in church instead of shivering. A talking point and cementing a bond within the congregation, enthusiasm for worship and mission is having positive results with encouragement from our clergy and so, work which goes into lighting and maintaining performance of the stoves, must be applauded.  "Thank You". (February 2015 electricity quarter down by £250 from same quarter in 2014)
  • This dream project came to fruition thanks to full funding for the stoves from the GLASSMORE WIND TURBINE COMMITTEE and to "ASPECT FIRES" Whittlesey for the installation.  The generosity of PARISHIONERS for their time, labour, knowledge and finance during the extensive job of setting down the fire hearths, (self financed) greatly reduced our costs. Thank you for what you have achieved in enhancing an already beautiful building but in true keeping with its Victorian status.     

The scheme throughout 2015 still continues to

(a) drastically reduced our energy bills

(b) reduced our carbon footprint, so protecting the environment

(c) provided the church with a more ambient temperature

(d) encouraged greater use of the building

(e) bring the community together - (it's difficult getting people to go home now it is so warm but beneficial, people talk more and know each other better.  Lovely atmosphere just what God ordered.)

(f) will prolong its life for the future i.e. through use and protecting the building - (There's much being discussed in the boardroom).

Thank you to those who have given wood, it is much appreciated.  We welcome any surplus wood i.e. carpentry/manufacturing off cuts, (no MDF or chipboard) sawn off tree branches etc. we are happy to collect,  make contact via our email address below.   

 Keep posted for further up-to-date on coming events for 2016.

 For any further information regarding above please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.